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Major accomplishments in 2022/2023

In mid-2022 we were blessed to receive a grant from the Snoqualmie Tribe for use in our Foundation.  Since then, the Foundation has put that money to good use in helping Veterans in the Issaquah, Snoqualmie & North Bend communities.  Here are a few of our major accomplishments:

1.  We opened a Veteran Service Office (VSO), the only one on the East side, to help Veterans file disability and other claims to the VA.  Since opening we have helped over 50 Veterans file claims.  The Snoqualmie Tribe grant will help us keep the VSO open going forward.  To make an appointment, call 425-657-0616.  

2.  We have partnered with Stop Soldier Suicides (SSS).  SSS has proven to be effective in preventing Veteran suicides and was recently named 1st place winner in the VA Mission Daybreak challenge.   Mission Daybreak is a 10-year strategy to end Veteran suicides.  Since opening, SSS has worked with over 4,000 Veterans without a single suicide.   

3.  We presented a $5000 scholarship to a grandchild of a Post Veteran.  Members of the Navy Jr. ROTC at Liberty H.S. were offered an opportunity to apply as well.   

4.  As an example of how we assist local Veterans, for over a year, we provided transportation to and from North Bend and the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance for a Veteran unable to drive himself.  Thanks to our on-going efforts he is doing much better.  

5.  We are expanding our efforts to reach out to local veterans to let them know we are here and what we offer.  We do this through dinners at local senior & assisted living facilities.  It has proven to be a very effective way to find Veterans.  

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